Mishandled Injections Caused Infections at New Jersey Clinic

Investigators from the State Department of Health and the Monmouth County Regional Health Commission discovered on Monday that at least 30 patients received infections from mishandled injections at the Osteo Relief Institute. Back on March 7, the Wall Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey facility, which treats patients who have knee pain, closed their doors after infections were reported. Patients contracted various bacterial infections due to knee injections they received to relieve their pain. Unsanitary and improper practices like employees failing to wash their hands before administering injections or not allowing full needles to sit before injecting patients were found in the investigation. Injections administered as far back as September 2016 could cause infections for patients who received the treatment.

When patients decide to resolve debilitating pain issues, they hope that medical professionals who administer the medical treatment use safe and sanitary practices. If medical professionals are negligent in their treatment of patients, patients could contract dangerous illnesses or prolong their pain and be at-risk for extended hospital stays or, in extreme cases, fatalities.

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