Rare Cancer Connected to Breast Implants Reports FDA

The FDA reported that there is a rare cancer that is directly connected to breast implants. Nearly 10 fatalities were reported to the FDA regarding this extremely rare cancer, which is called anaplastic large cell lymphoma. The cancer affects the cells in the immune system and populates the area surrounding the breast implant. It is not exactly breast cancer but affects the skin near the breast and the lymph nodes. Patients who received breast implants have an increased risk of developing rare cancer. As of the beginning of February, almost 340 cases of the cancer associated with breast implants have been reported.

Breast implant procedures continue to be popular, with nearly 300,000 patients undergoing surgery in 2016 alone. Although the breast implant-associated cancer is rare, slow-growing, and easily treatable when discovered in early stages, it still poses health hazards to breast implant recipients.

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