Brian Hall’s Medical Malpractice Verdict Appears in Pennsylvania Jury Verdict Review & Analysis

The recent medical malpractice verdict that Brian Hall secured in Court appeared in the Pennsylvania Jury Verdict Review and Analysis. The verdict for $800,000 against the hospital only was for the estate of a 44 year old woman who died as a result of fungal pneumonia. Hall argued in court that the hospital failed to timely diagnose the condition which ultimately cost the woman her life.

The Pennsylvania Jury Verdict Review and Analysis is a monthly review of Pennsylvania State and Federal Civil Jury Verdicts with professional analysis and commentary. The Pennsylvania cases summarized in detail are obtained from an ongoing monthly survey of the State and Federal courts in the State of Pennsylvania.

Please click the link below for the full article: $800,000 Verdict Against Hospital Only- Medical Malpractice – Hospital Negligence – Failure to Timely Diagnose and Treat Fungal Pneumonia – Wrongful Death of 44-Year-Old Female.

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