Abuse at Glen Mills Schools: Survivors Seek Justice

Glen Mills Schools was intended to offer a reforming experience for troubled students. Now, hundreds of former students are coming forward with claims of violence, sexual abuse, and overall horrific conditions.

In this interview, Philadelphia attorney Nancy Winkler explains these conditions, along with the options available to survivors for seeking justice. Her firm is currently representing over 250 men who claim they were abused at Glen Mills Schools.

Nancy Winkler is a partner at Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C. The firm is based in Philadelphia, but she can assist potential claimants throughout the country.

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0:25 - What happened at Glen Mills school?
2:14 - How long have we known about these conditions?
2:48 - Has the school been shut down, or is it still open?
4:12 - Was the administration aware of any abuse that occurred?
4:47 - What is leadership saying about these allegations?
5:29 - Who are you holding liable for these claims of abuse?
6:02 - If someone suffered abuse at Glen Mills, what should you do?
7:50 - How much does it cost to cover the costs of hiring an attorney?
8:36 - Do you only handle claims from people living in Pennsylvania?
9:18 - Are your clients recent students? Do you handle claims from people who suffered abuse several years ago?

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