What is Wrongful Death in Personal Injury Law? Philadelphia Attorney Discusses…

What is Wrongful Death in Personal Injury Law? Philadelphia Attorney Discusses What Happens After a Fatal Accident

There is no loss quite like what surviving family members experience when a loved one dies in a preventable, fatal accident. Our wrongful death attorneys have represented many surviving family members in lawsuits against the corporations and/or persons responsible. You do not have to face this situation alone. Let our lawyers guide you through the process to ensure your family is protected. We will take over the legal and financial aspects of the case, so you are free to concentrate on your and your family’s own well-being. For more information about wrongful death and to speak to an attorney, fill out a form on our website or call us directly at 866-569-3400.

Under Pennsylvania law and under New Jersey law and in many, many states, there are statutes or laws on the books that discuss what type of damages you can pursue if someone dies in an accident that is the responsibility of someone else; those are called wrongful death cases. Anytime someone dies, whether it's an automobile accident or it's a medical malpractice case or from some type of medicine that they took that was defective and they die and there's a lawsuit pursued for that, it's called a wrongful death case. And it gets tricky but there are certain types of damages or injuries and compensation you can claim for the people that remain, if it's a spouse, if its children, if its young children, older children, that are determined by the wrongful death statute of the particular state. So when we bring a case for someone that died we call it a wonderful death case. For more information about our firm go to ERLegal.com and check out our website.

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