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Have you or someone close to you suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI)? You may be struggling with painful symptoms, mounting medical expenses, and reduced income from lost time at work due to a catastrophic injury. If so, you should know that you could be owed monetary compensation for these and other losses.

The personal injury lawyers with Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C., understand the dramatic and devastating impacts a TBI can have on every aspect of your life. We’re here to help you pursue the compensation you deserve from whoever hurt you. Contact our legal team today to learn more about your options in a free initial case review with a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Philadelphia.

How Our Philadelphia Lawyers Can Help

At Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C., our head injury attorneys in Philadelphia can help you with your case by:

  • Answering your questions and reviewing your case during a free consultation
  • Starting work on your case promptly, at no upfront cost to you
  • Conducting a thorough investigation into the causes and effects of the TBI
  • Obtaining medical records, accident reports, and other valuable evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses and reliable experts for testimony to support your case
  • Managing case documents, deadlines, and filing requirements on your behalf
  • Filing case paperwork and demand letters to pursue the compensation you are owed
  • Negotiating aggressively on your behalf and taking your case to court and trial, if needed

Compensation for Brain Injury Cases

No amount of money can restore the time or good health lost to the effects of a TBI. That said, fair compensation can give you the resources you need to support yourself and the opportunity to hold negligent parties accountable. Depending on the circumstances, you could be entitled to compensation for the following:

  • Hospital bills and other medical expenses related to the TBI
  • Projected medical costs you will likely incur in the future
  • Lost wages from time you missed at work while recovering
  • The projected value of losses in your lifetime earning potential
  • Pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life

Types of Brain Injuries

brain injuriesThere are numerous types of traumatic brain injuries, which differ based on the severity and location of the damage to the brain. Common types of TBI include:

  • Concussions – Concussions are the most common brain injury. They occur when a sudden blow or jolt to the body injures the brain. A sharp impact can cause the brain to strike or move about the skull’s interior, causing physical damage and harmful chemical changes.
  • Contusions – Otherwise known as a bruise, a contusion can be harmful when it affects the brain’s soft tissue. A brain contusion may result in intracranial bleeding, which can put pressure on the brain and impair function.
  • Hypoxic/anoxic injuries – A hypoxic brain injury occurs when the brain does not get enough oxygen, while an anoxic brain injury occurs when the brain gets no oxygen at all. These injuries often occur due to suffocation or severe trauma.
  • Diffuse axonal injuries – A diffuse axonal injury (DAI) occurs when violent twisting, shaking, or acceleration damages key nerve fibers called axons, which transmit signals between the brain’s two hemispheres.
  • Coup-contrecoup injuries – French for “strike-counterstrike,” a coup-contrecoup injury occurs when a sharp blow to the head causes twin injuries on opposite sides of the brain, one from the initial jolt on one side and another from the brain colliding internally with the skull.
  • Penetrating head injuries – A penetrating injury occurs when a skull fragment or other foreign object pierces the skull, with or without injuring brain tissue.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

No two traumatic brain injury cases are alike, but many TBIs are caused by:

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are classified into three groups: mild, moderate, and severe.

Signs of mild TBIs include:

  • Loss of consciousness for a few seconds or minutes
  • Feeling dizzy or disoriented with no loss of consciousness
  • Trouble with memory and concentration
  • Unusual changes in mood, depression, or anxiety
  • Headaches, dizziness, and loss of balance
  • Nausea, vomiting, and an unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Fatigue, difficulty sleeping, or sleeping too much
  • Changes or problems with speech
  • Sensory issues, such as ringing in the ears or unusual sensitivity to lights or sounds

Patients with moderate to severe TBI often exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Loss of consciousness for several minutes or hours
  • Coma, disoriented consciousness, or inability to wake up
  • Persistent headache or a headache that worsens with time
  • Persistent nausea or vomiting
  • Convulsions and seizures
  • Dilation of one or both pupils
  • Clear fluid draining from the nose or eyes
  • Weakness or numbness in the extremities
  • Unusually poor coordination or slurred speech
  • Profound confusion, agitation, or highly unusual behavior

The Long-Term Effects of Head Injuries

Many mild TBIs can be treated with medicine and rest. However, patients with more severe TBIs may have to deal with the following long-term consequences:

  • Costly medical appointments with neurologists and other specialists
  • Expenses for prescription medications and specialized medical equipment
  • Physical therapy sessions or rehabilitative surgeries
  • Costs for at-home health aides or housekeeping services
  • Making accessibility modifications to homes or vehicles
  • Lost income from missed time at work during recovery from the TBI
  • Projected losses in future earning capacity due to permanent complications

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