Fatal Injuries From Excessive Police Brutality

police brutality and excessive force

When the entities and organizations that are designed to protect you, instead cause you harm, life can change. Instead of feeling safe and secure, you may feel confused and betrayed. Worse, challenging entities like local law enforcement is always an uphill battle. After all, the City and State have vast resources to use for their defense, and police officers often rally together to protect one another. However, your constitutional rights do not disappear during your arrest. Many of the Constitution’s rights are crucial when an arrest is made. Our Philadelphia police brutality lawyers can help you protect and enforce your rights to file a civil claim for excessive force or other misconduct.

Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C., provides powerful advocacy for those harmed by police officers and law enforcement officials. We are dedicated to achieving justice for those victimized by police brutality in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and across the nation. That fight for justice includes pursuing compensation for our clients’ medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Ultimately, our goal is to use every resource and legal tool available to strengthen your claim of police misconduct.

What Is Police Brutality?

As a rule, the police are allowed to use reasonable force to subdue a suspect and control them. “Reasonable” is the key word. Actions that amount to excessive force are not reasonable and can cause severe injury or even death to the person being arrested. Our Philadelphia police brutality attorneys have helped those who suffered personal injuries and wrongful death due to the misconduct of police officers and other officials. Most notably, our lawyers have experience representing victims of police shootings.

Some common examples of the issues a Philadelphia police misconduct attorney can investigate involve:

  • Excessive Force: When police use excessive force, injuries or death can occur. For example, a police officer can use his or her taser in an excessive way causing heart attacks and death.
  • Failing to Treat Injury: It is not uncommon for an accused individual to be injured. However, law enforcement has a legal responsibility to quickly treat any injured person at the scene of a crime. Failure to do so can result in a police brutality claim.
  • Profiling: Law enforcement may make a wrongful arrest based on discriminatory assumptions or biases.
  • Wrongful Shooting: This is often the most serious form of police misconduct, and wrongful death often results. Our attorneys have represented the estates of police shooting victims, and have experience handling high-profile cases involving complex circumstances.

Why Do I Need Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers?

Police brutality cases are very fact-specific. In other words, the outcome can depend largely on what exactly happened to you, and why. Our Pennsylvania police brutality lawyers can carefully examine the circumstances of your interactions with the police to determine reasonableness. We can review written departmental policies to determine whether those policies were violated. If officers overstepped their boundaries, we can vigorously pursue legal action on your behalf. Experienced Philadelphia police brutality lawyers who handle police misconduct claims can help discover:

  • False Arrest: Law enforcement can arrest you without a warrant. However, there must be probable cause that you committed a crime. Our firm can scrutinize the evidence to discover if your arresting officer lacked probable cause. For example, we can examine if there were reports of criminal activities. Furthermore, we can cross-examine witnesses to present any possible proof that you were not acting suspiciously.
  • Malicious Prosecution: The 14th amendment in the US Constitution protects the liberty of citizens. These claims involve proving that the police officer initiated criminal procedures that ended with no conviction. With no probable cause, the procedures can be claimed as malicious.

Call Our Lawyers if Police Excessive Force Severely Injured You

Do you believe you were arrested under false pretenses? Were you injured, beaten or abused by a law enforcement official’s use of excessive force? No one should have to face their rights being violated by those meant to protect us. Philadelphia police misconduct claims can be demanding and complicated. Having the right legal team at your side can tip the scales in your favor. If you have been injured by law enforcement, then our Philadelphia police brutality lawyers can help.

Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C., know what it takes to achieve a favorable resolution for our clients. If you would like more information about our police brutality and excessive force representation, contact our firm. Call (215) 585-2814 to arrange a consultation with an experienced civil rights lawyer. You can also contact our law firm online. We have offices in Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, NJ, for your convenience.

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