Has Your Child Been Sexually Abused at Daycare?

child sexual abuse in day care

Nothing is more important to a parent than their child. You take every precaution to ensure that your son or daughter is safe and healthy. Unfortunately, we are not always able to protect our children from harm. Many parents rely on daycare providers who are entrusted with the safety and well-being of their children. They, along with nannies and other childcare services, should give parents peace of mind during their busy days. However, many children continue to be neglected, abused or sexually molested by their caretakers. These crimes can be committed by adults or even other children. If you believe your child has been abused, then a Philadelphia daycare negligence lawyer from our law firm can help you fight for justice.

Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C., believes in aggressively building your claim. We take allegations of abuse in daycare seriously. If your child was sexually abused by a daycare employee, then we can take action on your behalf. You deserve justice and compensation for the actions of the employee or others at the center. Not only can we help your family, but we can also help protect other children from suffering the abuse. If you suspect the unimaginable has happened to your child, then contact a Philadelphia daycare negligence lawyer now.

What Is Negligence in Child Care Facilities?

As a rule, Philadelphia courts can investigate if your daycare took appropriate measures and precautions to avoid neglect. Thus, identifying common qualities of daycare neglect can help our daycare sexual abuse lawyers to strengthen your claim. In most cases, an employee is to blame. For this reason, staff is required to have appropriate licensing.

Some common issues a Philadelphia daycare negligence lawyer can investigate involve:

  • Daycare Safety: You expect your child’s daycare to be safe and clean. However, not all daycares are well maintained. In some cases, there may be safety hazards, resulting in a daycare personal injury.
  • Number of Staff: Unfortunately, some daycares do not hire the correct number of staff. As a result, children are left unattended. In these cases, abuse and neglect can occur.
  • Staff Training and Licensing: Philadelphia requires daycare workers to be licensed. In addition, they must also go through specific training. A Philadelphia daycare negligence attorney can investigate if the staff is properly licensed and trained.

What Constitutes Sexual Abuse in a Philadelphia Daycare?

It is almost impossible to fathom the repercussions that a child sexually abused at daycare will face. Nonetheless, these difficult situations require investigation. As a parent, it is important to understand that what your child went through is not your fault. Sole responsibility rests with those who chose to commit a serious and unforgivable crime. Sexual abuse does not always involve physical contact and can take many forms. Each of these forms could have a significant impact on a child’s development and future. These activities could occur in daycare bathrooms, isolated areas of the center or during after-hour care.

Common examples of child sexual abuse include:

  • Exposing a Child: It is illegal to expose a child’s genitals. For example, abuse can occur if a daycare worker exposes a child to “help” them go to the bathroom. Furthermore, it is illegal to watch a child undress.
  • Photographing a Child: If your child has been photographed inappropriately, you may have grounds to file a Philadelphia daycare lawsuit.
  • Showing Illicit Content: Abuse may also involve situations where pornography is shown to children at daycare. In addition, some cases involve forcing a child to watch or listen to sexual acts.
  • Inappropriate Touching: Unfortunately, there are times when evidence reveals staff inappropriately handles a child. Alternatively, some claims involve a staff member making a child touch someone else inappropriately.
  • Intercourse: Any sexual stimulation or intercourse between parties is illegal. Our firm aggressively represents clients involved in these claims.

Contact Our Compassionate Victim Advocates for a Free Consultation Now

Do you suspect that your child has been abused or molested at daycare? The longer you wait to hire a professional, the harder it can be to discover the truth. Evidence to support your claims can disappear and witnesses’ memory may become cloudy. Ultimately, if you want to protect your child, time is of the essence. A daycare negligence lawyer can use a team of experts to evaluate every detail of your claim.

Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C., have helped clients through the most complex and difficult cases. Many of these involve Philadelphia sexual child abuse. We are diligent and dedicated to obtaining the best outcome possible in court. In addition, we devote ourselves to making sure our clients get the professional help they need. Our success stems from our compassion and experience. We are ready to listen to your situation and answer any initial questions you might have. Contact our Pennsylvania law office online or call (215) 600-0104 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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