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adult with child

Child Abuse Attorney Explains Agency Liability for Injury to Foster Children and Families

The foster care system in Pennsylvania is essential to protecting children who have no legal guardian or are removed from the care of a parent or guardian for their own safety. Public and private foster care agencies work to recruit foster parents to take care of these children on a temporary basis. This system provides homes to children who need them and eases the burden on the county agencies that have legal custody of these minors. However, when foster care agencies fail to properly vet parent applicants, then a foster child may end up in an abusive home. On the other hand, foster care agency negligence may also result in a dangerous child being placed with a family that is not equipped to deal with his or her needs or behavior problems. The result, in either situation, maybe serious injuries or even wrongful death.

If a foster care agency placement negligently results in a dangerous situation that harmed you or your child, then you may be able to file a legal claim. These agencies, whether they are public or private, are responsible for protecting the best interests of the children they place. However, they must also take steps to ensure that foster parents and their families are not harmed by the children they welcome into their homes. When agencies fail in these duties, the child sexual abuse attorneysat Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C., can assist you in holding them accountable. Whether you or someone you know experienced foster home abuse as a minor or you fostered a child who harmed you or your family, we can help.

Is a Foster Care Agency Liable for Injuries and Damages Caused by Foster Children?

Foster care agency negligence may harm the families who host children, as well as the children themselves. Unfortunately, foster children often come from abusive, unhealthy situations, which may affect their social development. In some cases, foster children may be violent or destructive or may have other dangerous tendencies. As a result, the foster parents and/or their own children may suffer serious harm.

Foster agencies have a duty to inform prospective parents of any known problems a foster child may have. This helps families prepare for the individual needs of their child. It also allows a family to set proper rules and boundaries to deal with negative tendencies, if possible. Additionally, agencies must fully explain if a child has special medical needs or requires regular medication to treat psychological conditions.

If an agency fails to do any of these things and the child harms a foster parent or other children in the home, then the agency may be responsible for the damages. Our foster care attorneys can help you establish liability and can fight for your rights against a negligent agency.

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