Nancy Winkler Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Seven Year Old Boy who Drowned While in Day Care

Nancy J. Winkler, Esq. recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a Philadelphia day-care facility whose operator, Tianna Edwards, had an extensive criminal background and used fraudulent means to obtain her license. Seven-year-old Isear Jeffcoat drowned in a filthy backyard swimming pool owned by Edwards’ mother during an outing from the day-care facility.

Months before the drowning, Department of Public Welfare (DPW) officials had evidence that Edwards was operating Tianna’s Terrific Tots in her sister-in-law’s name to conceal her criminal history. “What is most appalling is that two months before Isear died, DPW shut down a different day care center that Edwards was running,” said Winkler. In shuttering that facility, DPW records cited “gross incompetence, negligence . . . . . likely to constitute immediate and serious danger to the life or health of the children.”

“DPW is supposed to oversee child care facilities to make sure they are safe. The state failed those that it should be protecting: our children who are our most innocent and vulnerable,” Winkler added.

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