Deadly, Drug-Resistant Candida Yeast Infection Appears in US

The CDC reports that a deadly, drug-resistant Candida yeast infection, which may result in organ failure if contracted, has spread to the US. Over 50 people, mostly in New York state, fell ill with the hospital-acquired infection, and almost 30 healthy fungus carriers were identified in three other states. Individuals who have weakened immune systems like premature babies, diabetics, dialysis recipients, or any person who recently went through invasive surgery or received a transplant, could be affected. This yeast infection results in blood, wound, and ear infections, which may lead to organ failure. The fatality rate for this particular hospital-acquired infection may be as high as 60 percent, and the infection is resistant to three different classes of antifungal drugs. Generally, patients contract the infection while being hospitalized for other major illnesses.

Although this type of yeast infection may be deadly and resist antifungal drugs, it specifically afflicts individuals with weak immune systems and those who are at the hospital battling major illnesses. Unfortunately, patients should be aware of the possibility of contracting a hospital-acquired infection while receiving treatment. In some cases, an infection of this nature could cause additional medical complications or, in extreme cases, a fatality.

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