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Delayed Labor: Understanding the Risks and Legal Implications

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Going into labor is an exciting moment for a family. As the due date approaches, parents eagerly anticipate the joy of finally meeting their baby. However, when labor does not progress as expected, the outcomes can be deeply distressing for both mother and child. Labor that slows or stalls puts the baby at significant risk. […]

Ransomware Attack on Hospital Leads to Infant’s Death

Ransomware Attack on Hospital

Ransomware attacks can cripple businesses, factories, and important infrastructure. The hackers behind them don’t seem to mind when their extortion attempts hurt others. They’ve even started attacking hospitals, and their criminal activities are costing lives. NBC News reported that a recent lawsuit alleges a ransomware attack led to a baby’s death at a hospital. The […]

What Could Cause Cerebral Palsy at Birth?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 323 children in the US suffer from cerebral palsy, a condition that may be caused by an injury to a developing brain. Cerebral palsy affects balance and posture. Certain types of medical mistakes before and during birth could cause your child to develop […]

How Could Cerebral Palsy Affect My Child?

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If you read last week’s blog, then you know that cerebral palsy refers to a group of neurological disorders that may be caused by a brain injury or malformation while the brain is still developing. You would also know that medical mistakes before, during and shortly after birth can lead to the development of this […]

Can Medical Malpractice Cause Cerebral Palsy?

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Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that may be caused by a brain injury or malformation while the brain is still developing. Children with this disorder may have difficulty controlling movements. They may also have moderate to severe cognitive impairment. Depending on the severity, children with this disorder may require specialized care and social resources […]

Did Depakote Cause My Child’s Birth Defect?

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Almost 700 lawsuits have been filed against the AbbVie Inc., the manufacturer of Depakote, a valproic acid drug commonly prescribed to treat bipolar disorder and epilepsy. Depakote was introduced in 1983 by Abbot Laboratories as an anti-seizure medication. In 2013, the company spun off into AbbVie. Many of these lawsuits were filed by mothers who […]