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Multiple Casualties Reported After Washington Amtrak Derailment

train derailment

Multiple fatalities and injuries were reported after an Amtrak train derailed above an overpass in DuPont, Washington. According to Pierce County officials, Amtrak Train 501 was travelling along a new route when it derailed above an overpass on Interstate 5. Railcars fell off the overpass and crushed vehicles below. Photos taken by witnesses show additional […]

Should SEPTA Monitor Train Operators?

Amtrak train

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued a recommendation to SEPTA and the Federal Railroad Administration that calls for the installation of cameras on all rail-transit vehicles. According to the NTSB, inward and outward-facing cameras could help determine what crewmembers were doing in the moments before a train crash. The cameras recommended by the […]

Has NJ Transit Stepped Up Sleep Apnea Testing Since the Hoboken Train Crash?

passenger train on tracks going through wooded area

WABC-TV recently featured a report updating the aftermath Hoboken train crash. Specifically, the news story focused on whether New Jersey Transit has been testing its train operators for sleep apnea more since the incident. This is due to the fact that following the Hoboken train wreck, the locomotive’s engineer was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. […]

What to Do in a Train Crash

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In the wake of the Hoboken train crash that left one woman dead and more than 100 others injured, there are still a lot of questions left to be answered. What led to the train wreck? How can we keep train wrecks like this from happening? Until we can figure out how to prevent train […]