Year: 2016

Is Uber Doing Enough to Protect Passengers from Sexual Assault?

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Uber has shot to popularity over the past few years as an alternative to driving, using public transportation or taking a cab. However, a recent Penn Live report may bring the rideshare company’s rise to a sudden stop. According to the story, Uber may have a problem with drivers sexually assaulting passengers. In November, an Uber sexual […]

What to Do in a Train Crash

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In the wake of the Hoboken train crash that left one woman dead and more than 100 others injured, there are still a lot of questions left to be answered. What led to the train wreck? How can we keep train wrecks like this from happening? Until we can figure out how to prevent train […]

Could I Get Cancer from the Household Products I Use?

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You may have to rethink what household cleaning products you use after reading this. The Cheat Sheet, a news website that covers lifestyle topics, recently ran a story alleging some household products cause cancer. According to the Cheat Sheet piece, certain ingredients in the household items are carcinogens, which means they can cause cancer. Just because something is a […]

Is a New Tool Behind an Increase in Thyroid Cancer Misdiagnosis?

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The US is one of several countries where thyroid cancer misdiagnosis appears to be on the rise, according to data collected in a recent study. Reportedly, the Aviano National Cancer Institute (ANCI) and International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) combined forces to conduct the study. The findings were revealed in The New England Journal of Medicine. […]

Could Better Training Prevent Multiple Sclerosis Misdiagnosis?

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Medical Xpress, a health and medical news website, released a report at the end of August detailing the results of a study about multiple sclerosis misdiagnosis. According to the study’s results, which were published in Neurology, a medical journal, doctors and hospitals often misdiagnose other conditions as MS. The 24 researchers behind this study are each neurologists […]