Eisenberg Rothweiler Proudly Supports Ms. Wheelchair USA and the MossRehab Aphasia Center

At Eisenberg Rothweiler, we are not shy about giving back to the communities and people we serve. Two of the charitable organizations we proudly support are Ms. Wheelchair USA and the MossRehab Aphasia Center.

Our firm’s support of the Ohio-based Ms. Wheelchair USA organization began thanks to Katie Matelan.

Katie’s family retained Eisenberg Rothweiler after Katie was paralyzed in a car accident in 1994 when she was a toddler. Katie’s grandmother died in the crash. The firm settled Katie’s case against the manufacturers of the car and the dangerous two-point seatbelt Katie was wearing during the accident.

A few years after the settlement, Katie asked Stewart Eisenberg if he would support her in the Ms. Wheelchair USA competition. Stewart happily agreed to do so. Katie would then go on to win the crown the first year she competed!

“To have helped Katie and her family overcome the obstacles they faced is incredibly rewarding,” said Stewart. “We are happy to have supported Katie and the entire Ms. Wheelchair USA organization as they work to celebrate the achievements of women with disabilities.”

For more information about the Ms. Wheelchair USA organization, please visit their website.

Eisenberg Rothweiler’s support of the Pennsylvania-based MossRehab Aphasia Center stems from the assistance MossRehab’s therapists provided Marty Eisenberg, the father of Stewart and Fredric Eisenberg, after he suffered a stroke in 1979. The stroke left Marty with aphasia—a communication disorder that can affect speaking, reading, writing, and understanding language.

Reta, Stewart’s and Fredric’s mother, served as Marty’s primary caregiver and developed close relationships with two MossRehab therapists who would go on to formalize and found the Aphasia Center. After Marty’s passing, Reta became a devoted volunteer at the Center.

In 2012 the Reta Eisenberg Fund was established to support the Activity Center at the Aphasia Center. Just recently Reta’s Games Group, a weekly program where aphasia patients play games of all kinds, practice their language skills, and socialize, in a fun and welcoming environment was endowed by the Eisenbergs.

“Through her work at the Aphasia Center, my mother made a difference in the lives of many people,” said Stewart. “By supporting the Aphasia Center, we can honor her by supporting a fantastic organization that was near and dear to her heart.”

For more information about the MossRehab Aphasia Center, please visit their website.

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