Nancy Winkler and Dan Sherry present at three recent Continuing Legal Education classes to local attorneys

Nancy and Dan

On April 18, Nancy and Dan delivered the keynote address at the Personal Injury Potpourri program in Philadelphia sponsored by The Dispute Resolution Institute. Their keynote address covered how Eisenberg Rothweiler secured a billion-dollar jury verdict in late 2023 in a defective restraint system case involving a 1992 Mitsubishi vehicle, Amagasu v. Mitsubishi, as well as best practices for representing people injured in automobile defect cases generally.

During the keynote, Nancy and Dan highlighted the evidence used during the Amagasu trial to maximize the verdict, which was based on the catastrophic injuries our client suffered, and how some of the same strategies can be used in other types of cases.

On April 19, Nancy and Dan gave a presentation at the New Jersey Association for Justice’s Boardwalk Seminar in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which is the most well-attended continuing legal education conference in New Jersey each year. Nancy and Dan discussed the Amagasu case, the evidence the firm’s attorneys presented, trial themes, and trial strategies in automobile defect cases generally.

On May 8, during their “Luncheon Lecture” presentation to the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association (of which Nancy is a past president) Nancy and Dan discussed the firm’s trial strategy in the Amagasu case and in automobile defect cases generally.

“It is not just our honor but our responsibility to impart knowledge—both about trial strategies that worked and those that did not—to other plaintiffs’ attorneys,” said Nancy. “By sharing our knowledge with our fellow attorneys, we can help them secure justice for their clients.”

“Our landmark verdict in Amagasu didn’t just happen; it came about through thousands of hours of hard work by our team and many tough, strategic decisions we had to make at every stage of the case, including the presentation of evidence at trial,” added Dan. “It is our privilege to represent our catastrophically injured clients who hire us to help them on their road to recovery. But it is our duty to work tirelessly and advocate zealously on their behalf to secure the best possible legal outcomes for them.”

It takes a specific mindset, specialized skills and substantial resources. The types of cases we handle are not the average personal injury. They involve severe, permanent injuries to people that radically affect their lives forever, or in some instances, even cause their death.