New York Post Article Ties Increase in Boy Scouts Membership Fees to Sex Abuse Cases


On January 1, 2020, the Boy Scouts’ registration fee will almost double from $33 to $60 per scout. In a recent article, the New York Post attributed the increase to the sex abuse cases against the Boy Scouts, including former scouts represented by Eisenberg Rothweiler and the Abused in Scouting team.

Abused in Scouting is a group of lawyers from three law firms including Eisenberg Rothweiler who have banded together to take on the Boy Scouts. In recent months, the organization has provided more than 1,000 redacted client case files to the Boy Scouts. The files contain the names of leaders accused of sexually abusing children, along with their troop designations and timelines of their alleged abuse.

The New York Post article discusses the efforts of Abused in Scouting’s Tim Kosnoff and Andrew Van Arsdale in helping victims seek justice for the abuse they contend they suffered at the hands of the Boy Scouts and its leaders. The article mentions that Abused in Scouting has over 1,300 clients from 48 states and two territories, including over 100 clients in New York state and New Jersey alone.

You can read the New York Post’s article here.

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