Victim’s Family Sues Bus Company in Fatal N.J. Turnpike Crash

Ken Rothweiler and Fred Eisenberg represent the family of a young man from Philadelphia who was killed in a tour bus accident on the New Jersey Turnpike.

The tragic death of the young man has raised many questions regarding the safety of tour buses and the practices of the businesses that run them. Fred Eisenberg was quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer hoping that, “the lawsuit can be a catalyst to bring about change.”

The college student was returning home from New York on a bus that leaves Philadelphia from the Chinatown section of the city. On the return trip to Philadelphia, the bus was involved in an accident. Their client was partially ejected from the vehicle and suffered severe and fatal injuries. The driver of the bus was also killed in the accident.

The “Chinatown Bus” is a popular form of transportation in Philadelphia because a round trip ticket to New York or Washington, D.C. only costs the rider $20. Unfortunately, the cheap price has lead to companies cutting corners on safety. The company named in the lawsuit, Super Luxury Tours of Wilkes Barre, was found to be violating several federal regulations on safety and has since been shut down.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and has more on this tragic story.

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