Case Results

Catastrophic personal injuries have a profound impact upon the lives of the victims and their families—physical, emotional and financial.

An experienced law firm knows how to uncover who was at fault and make them accountable, securing the financial support that may be needed for a lifetime.

$2.25 Million Settlement for Seatbelt Failure
$2.25 Million Recovery for Delayed Diagnosis Resulting in Amputation
$2.15 Million Recovery for Vietnam Veteran Injured by Defective Machinery
$2.05 Million Recovery for Family of a Philadelphia Man who Died in a Motorcycle Accident
$2.015 Million Recovery for Family of a Philadelphia Woman who Died in a Car Accident
$2 Million Settlement in Medical Malpractice Case against Emergency Room Physician’s Assistant
$2 Million Recovery for Client who was Overdosed with Colchicine Resulting in Death
$2 Million Settlement for 42-Year-Old Woman who Died after Entering Local ER with Stomach Pains
$2 Million Recovery for 50-Year-Old Man with Ruptured Appendix