Year: 2017

How Was a Woman’s Cancer Misdiagnosed as a Migraine 14 Times?

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Recently, the story of a woman’s struggles and death because of a cancer misdiagnosis made the news. Reportedly, a 24-year-old woman died from cancer after repeatedly being told that she was not suffering from cancer but migraines. Not only was the woman’s cancer misdiagnosed once, but allegedly her tumor went undiagnosed even after 14 visits to the […]

Is a Hospital Responsible If Suicidal Patients It Allows to Leave Commit Suicide?

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has revived a lawsuit concerning a hospital’s liability if it allows suicidal patients to leave and they take their life. Why Did the Pennsylvania Superior Court Revive This Case? The case, Martin v. Holy Spirit Hospital, involved a woman with a history of mental health problems who was brought to Holy […]

Can Victims Sue If They Are Burned by the Dangerous Chemical Properties of Wet Concrete?

woman upset talking to doctor

In mid-January, the Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed a Dauphin County Court decision in a case involving people who were seriously burned by wet concrete. What Led the Superior Court to Reverse the Decision? Per a report in The Legal Intelligencer, the case that the three-judge Pennsylvania Superior Court panel reversed on was High v. Pennsy […]

How Does Mediation Work in Medical Malpractice Cases?

The Legal Intelligencer recently featured an article that explained the challenges that can come with pursing medical malpractice mediation. How Does Medical Malpractice Mediation Work and What Are the Challenges? The first thing that must be done is determining whether a medical malpractice case can be mediated or not. The reason that a medical malpractice case […]

Could a Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Really Lead to Breast Removal?

Late last year, the 2013 story of a woman who unnecessarily had breast removal surgery because of a breast cancer misdiagnosis made the news. Per the report, mere weeks after she was informed that she had breast cancer and underwent surgery to remove her left breast, the woman was called to meet with her surgeon. […]